My name is Lila and I am a 26 year old health food lover living in California. I started my transition to a vegan diet in 2009 and that is when my love for cooking started to blossom! Prior to switching to a vegan diet, I would eat a lot of frozen meals, and canned soups, which all contained some sort of animal product/s at that time. I was forced to learn to cook from scratch if I wanted to succeed in eliminating animal products from my diet. I quickly learned to love the creativity involved in recreating a traditionally meat and cheese ladened dish into a beautiful healthy plant-based meal!   

The goal of my blog is to share all of my plant-based recipes, food product reviews, and random musings with you! I love food, yoga, nutrition, music, and art, but I am new to web design so please bear with me while I learn how to make a beautiful, informative, and fun website!

Love, Lila


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