Bowl of Sunshine


  • 1 Carrot 
  • Ginger root 
  • Turmeric root 
  • 3 Clementines from my tree
  • Unsweetened almond & cashew milk 
  • 2.5 Frozen bananas 
  • Handful frozen mango
  • Frozen raspberries 
  • 2 Medjool dates 


1. I love adding veggies and roots into my smoothies, but it is important to remember to always blend them first, separately from the fruit ingredients. Carrots, turmeric, and ginger are all hard root vegetables that will require a higher speed on your vitamix so blend those, along will some water, first. 

2. Add the rest of the fruit, blend, and enjoy!

I topped mine with berries, mango, bananas, and a sprinkle of yummy date crystals that my mom just brought back from Shields Date Garden in Indio, CA. You can read more about them and purchase your own .